Notes from the Shallow End

55_56Andy’s all-singing all-dancing ebook draws you deeper into the heart-breaking, yet hope-inspiring stories and people behind his songs — with video, MP3 tracks and links to resources. More about the ebook…

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Album: Drowning in the Shallow

A pain-filled yet beautiful album, produced by Grammy award winner Alan Branch — full of stories of broken things and people longing to be made whole, told in Andy’s trademark organic, melodic style.

“an album that may just be the best you’re likely to hear all year” – (Birmingham Sunday Mercury Album of the week) Read more…

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Review Quotes

“an album that may just be the best you’re likely to hear all year” – (Birmingham Sunday Mercury Album of the week)

“The lyrics are attractive and the man’s voice is utterly beguiling….he warrants a grander audience…All concept albums should be like Andy Flannagan‘s latest effort; soulful, truthful and embodying today by the bucketload…..Reading through his lyricism, listening to the pained expressions and hearing the emotion in his voice, Flannagan could be described as ‘doing a Bono’, albeit on a different and, perhaps intrinsically, more effective level. (Reviewed Online)

Flannagan’s modus operandi is to highlight injustice via a keen eye for detail and eloquent turn of phrase, his messages reaching their targets with more impact than any amount of knee-jerk sloganeering…..the music of Andy Flannagan covers a wide waterfront of political and social issues; carefully cushioned protest songs that attempt to charm listeners rather than wave placards in their faces. (Terry Staunton, RECORD COLLECTOR)

“Too often, the album is a place where singles wait to be released and B-sides go to die. Very rarely does an album tell a story, or offer real insight into the artist’s world. Creating a narrative on an album is a lost art. But when a record actually tells a moving and coherent story, then it can become a piece of art far more powerful than simply notes and words on a page. So it is with Andy Flannagan’s new album, Drowning in the Shallow.” (SOJOURNERS MAGAZINE)